Areas Protegidas de los Andes y Amazonas, NatureServe


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  • 83df2753-2cda-11e4-917e-bc5ff4764ffa

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    Individual name
  • Regan Smyth

  • Organisation name
  • Natureserve

  • Position name
  • Landscape Ecologist

  • Contact information
  • 703-908-1800

  • Address
    Delivery point
  • 4600 N. Fairfax Dr., 7th Floor

  • Administrative area
  • VA

  • Postal code
  • 22203

  • Role
  • publisher

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    Metadata date stamp
  • 2014-05-18

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    Metadata standard name
  • ISO 19115 Geographic Information - Metadata

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    Identification Information
  • Areas Protegidas de los Andes y Amazonas, NatureServe

  • Date
  • 2014-05-17

  • Date Type
  • publication

  • Cited responsible party
    Organisation name
  • Regan Smyth, Nature serve, Landscape Ecologist

  • Role
  • originator

  • Abstract
  • This data consists of protected area boundaries for the Andes Amazon Project area. Data was obtained from Bolivia (Fundacion Amigos de la Naturaleza), Colombia (Fundacion Natura), Ecuador (EcoCiencia), Peru (Geomaticos Consultores) and merged into a single shapefile.The data includes:Areas with full protection (no natural resource extraction of any kind) , including National Parks and several other denominations/categories depending of the countryAreas where limited use of natural resources is permitted (several categories only in Bolivia and Peru; Colombia and Ecuador don’t include such categories in their natural protected areas systems or the information is not consistently available and thus not used here). For Bolivia, those areas include: Area Natural de Manejo Integrado, Parque Nacional y Territorio Indígena, Reserva de la Biósfera, Reserva Nacional de Vida Silvestre Amazónica, Reserva de Vida Silvestre, Refugio de Vida Silvestre, Parque Departamental, and ANMI Departamental. In Peru, they include: Reserva Comunal, Reserva Nacional, and Bosque de Proteccion.Areas with transitory status but which are currently protected, including Parque Nacional y Area Natural de Manejo Integrado (Bolivia) and Zona Reservada (Peru)

  • Purpose
  • Source data for Protected Areas, used in NatureServe's Assessment of Watersheds in the Tropical Andes for Effective Conservation Investment.

  • Credit
  • Source data from Bolivia (Fundacion Amigos de la Naturaleza), Colombia (Fundacion Natura), Ecuador (EcoCiencia), Peru (Geomaticos Consultores) Compiled by NatureServe in 2012

  • Point of contact
  • Point of contact

  • Resource maintenance
    Maintenance and update frequency
  • unknown

  • Descriptive keywords
  • biota

  • Type
  • theme

  • Thesaurus name
  • ISO 19115 Topic Categories

  • Date
  • 0001-01-01

  • Date Type
  • publication

  • Spatial representation type
  • vector

  • Language
  • eng

  • Environment description
  • Microsoft Windows XP Version 5.1 (Build 2600) Service Pack 3; Esri ArcGIS

  • Extent
    Geographic element
    West bound longitude
  • -79.427451

  • East bound longitude
  • -60.251868

  • South bound latitude
  • -19.761361

  • North bound latitude
  • 2.937500

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    Content information
    Included with dataset
  • false

  • Feature types
  • AndesAmaz_Areas_Protegidas

  • Feature catalogue citation
  • unknown

  • Date
  • 0001-01-01

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    Application schema information
    Schema ASCII
  • <?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'ISO-8859-1'?> <eainfo> <detailed> <enttyp> <enttypl>AndesAmaz_Areas_Protegidas</enttypl> <enttypd>none</enttypd> <enttypds>none</enttypds> </enttyp> <attr> <attrlabl>OBJECTID</attrlabl> <attrdef>Internal feature number.</attrdef> <attrdefs>Esri</attrdefs> <atttype></atttype> <attprecision></attprecision> <attlength></attlength> <attnullsallowed>false</attnullsallowed> <attisprimarykey>false</attisprimarykey> <attisunique>false</attisunique> <attisindex>false</attisindex> <attrdomv> <codesetd> <codesetn></codesetn> <codesets></codesets> </codesetd> </attrdomv> <attrdomv> </attrdomv> <attrdomv> <rdom> <rdommin></rdommin> <rdommax></rdommax> <attrunit></attrunit> <attrmres></attrmres> </rdom> </attrdomv> <attrdomv> <udom>Sequential unique whole numbers that are automatically generated.</udom> </attrdomv> <attrvai> <attrva></attrva> <attrvae></attrvae> </attrvai> <attrmfrq>012</attrmfrq> </attr> <attr> <attrlabl>Shape</attrlabl> <attrdef>Feature geometry.</attrdef> <attrdefs>Esri</attrdefs> <atttype></atttype> <attprecision></attprecision> <attlength></attlength> <attnullsallowed>false</attnullsallowed> <attisprimarykey>false</attisprimarykey> <attisunique>false</attisunique> <attisindex>false</attisindex> <attrdomv> <codesetd> <codesetn></codesetn> <codesets></codesets> </codesetd> </attrdomv> <attrdomv> </attrdomv> <attrdomv> <rdom> <rdommin></rdommin> <rdommax></rdommax> <attrunit></attrunit> <attrmres></attrmres> </rdom> </attrdomv> <attrdomv> <udom>Coordinates defining the features.</udom> </attrdomv> <attrvai> <attrva></attrva> <attrvae></attrvae> </attrvai> <attrmfrq></attrmfrq> </attr> <attr> <attrlabl>AREANAME</attrlabl> <attrdef>none</attrdef> <attrdefs>none</attrdefs> <atttype></atttype> <attprecision></attprecision> <attlength></attlength> <attnullsallowed>false</attnullsallowed> <attisprimarykey>false</attisprimarykey> <attisunique>false</attisunique> <attisindex>false</attisindex> <attrdomv> <codesetd> <codesetn></codesetn> <codesets></codesets> </codesetd> </attrdomv> <attrdomv> </attrdomv> <attrdomv> <rdom> <rdommin></rdommin> <rdommax></rdommax> <attrunit></attrunit> <attrmres></attrmres> </rdom> </attrdomv> <attrdomv> <udom></udom> </attrdomv> <attrvai> <attrva></attrva> <attrvae></attrvae> </attrvai> <attrmfrq></attrmfrq> </attr> <attr> <attrlabl>Shape_Length</attrlabl> <attrdef>Length of feature in internal units.</attrdef> <attrdefs>Esri</attrdefs> <atttype></atttype> <attprecision></attprecision> <attlength></attlength> <attnullsallowed>false</attnullsallowed> <attisprimarykey>false</attisprimarykey> <attisunique>false</attisunique> <attisindex>false</attisindex> <attrdomv> <codesetd> <codesetn></codesetn> <codesets></codesets> </codesetd> </attrdomv> <attrdomv> </attrdomv> <attrdomv> <rdom> <rdommin></rdommin> <rdommax></rdommax> <attrunit></attrunit> <attrmres></attrmres> </rdom> </attrdomv> <attrdomv> <udom>Positive real numbers that are automatically generated.</udom> </attrdomv> <attrvai> <attrva></attrva> <attrvae></attrvae> </attrvai> <attrmfrq></attrmfrq> </attr> <attr> <attrlabl>Shape_Area</attrlabl> <attrdef>Area of feature in internal units squared.</attrdef> <attrdefs>Esri</attrdefs> <atttype></atttype> <attprecision></attprecision> <attlength></attlength> <attnullsallowed>false</attnullsallowed> <attisprimarykey>false</attisprimarykey> <attisunique>false</attisunique> <attisindex>false</attisindex> <attrdomv> <codesetd> <codesetn></codesetn> <codesets></codesets> </codesetd> </attrdomv> <attrdomv> </attrdomv> <attrdomv> <rdom> <rdommin></rdommin> <rdommax></rdommax> <attrunit></attrunit> <attrmres></attrmres> </rdom> </attrdomv> <attrdomv> <udom>Positive real numbers that are automatically generated.</udom> </attrdomv> <attrvai> <attrva></attrva> <attrvae></attrvae> </attrvai> <attrmfrq></attrmfrq> </attr> </detailed> </eainfo>

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