Legal Information

The GeoSUR program makes available on its Regional Portal (, regional, national, and local geospatial information from Latin America and the Caribbean, generated by international agencies and by more than 100 institutions from this region. In the portal the user can find and visualize the spatial information at all levels. Most of the regional information available can also be downloaded directly from the Portal, while the information generated by participating institutions must be downloaded from portals operated by partner agencies.

Some relevant aspects regarding the use of the Portal are clarified below:


  • Access to the Portal and the use that may be given to the information it provides is under the responsibility of each user.

  • The GeoSUR Program is not responsible for the information and the content offered in links and external pages available in the Portal.

  • The maintenance and operation of most of the national, sub-national and urban geoservices registered in the Portal is the responsibility of partner agencies. Only the regional information (for two or more countries) is directly maintained by the GeoSUR Program in its Regional Map Viewer.

  • Information regarding the quality of the spatial data available in the Portal is contained in metadata that may be consulted in the Portal. In general, each spatial dataset must be accompanied by a metadata record that describes it. GeoSUR is not responsible for the quality of the spatial information available in the Portal or in geoservices registered with it.

  • GeoSUR offers access to a decentralized network of geoservices operated by third party institutions, so it cannot guarantee that these geoservices are operational at all times. Each participating institution is responsible for operating and maintaining its own geoservice.