Map Viewers

This is a list of the map viewers registered with the Portal and operated by GeoSUR's partner agencies. Select the viewer you wish to open.

Antigua and Barbuda, National Maps
Argentina, Buenos Aires Province
Argentina, Government of the Province of Catamarca
Argentina, IDERA
Argentina, La Pampa Province
Argentina, Ministry of Energy
Argentina, Municipality of Rosario
Argentina, National Education Map
Argentina, National Geographic Institute
Argentina, Regional Bermejo River Commission, Water Resources Exploitation Plan
Argentina, Santa Fe, SDISF - Spatial Data Infrastructure of Santa Fe
Belize, Belize City
Bolivia, Amigos de la Naturaleza Foundation, Forest Fires
Bolivia, Military Geographic Institute
Bolivia, Municipality of Santa Cruz
Bolivia, Santa Cruz State
Bolivia, National System for Risk Management - SINAGER
Bolivia, Viewer GeoBolivia
Brazil, Agency for Agricultural Research (EMBRAPA)
Brazil, Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics
Brazil, Chico Mendes Biodiversity Conservation Institute
Brazil, Geographic Information System of the Brazilian Energy Sector
Brazil, Geological Service (CPRM)
Brazil, Ministry of Environment
Brazil, Ministry of Environment, Atlas of Amazonia
Brazil, Municipality of Florianopolis
Brazil, Municipality of Piracicaba
Brazil, Municipality of Ponta Grossa
Brazil, Municipality of Rio de Janeiro
Brazil, National Spatial Data Infrastructure
Brazil, Socio-Environmental Institute
Brazil, Water Agency, Paraiba State
Chile, Government of Los Rios Province
Chile, Military Geographic Institute
Chile, Ministry of Environment - SDI MMA SINIA
Chile, Ministry of Public Works
Chile, Spatial Data Infrastructure
Colombia, Agustin Codazzi Geographic Institution
Colombia, Bogota's Spatial Data Infrastructure
Colombia, CGS - Colombian Geological Service
Colombia, Ingeominas, Geology Maps
Colombia, Municipality of Cali
Colombia, Municipality of Medellin
Colombia, Regional Information System, Coffee Axis
Colombia, Spatial Data Infrastructure
Costa Rica, National Land Information System
Dominica, World Bank - Geonode
Ecuador, Andes University
Ecuador, CLIRSEN
Ecuador, Military Geographic Institution
Ecuador, Ministry of Environment
Ecuador, National Electricity Council
Ecuador, Northern Technological University
Ecuador, Quito, Metropolitan District
Ecuador, University of AZUAY, SDI Viewer
Ecuador, University of Cuenca
El Salvador, Ministry of Housing and Land Planning, San Salvador Map
El Salvador, National Geographic Institute
Guatemala, Ministry of Tourism
Guatemala, National Geographic Institute
Guatemala, Planning Secretariat (SEGEPLAN)
Guyana, GeoGuyane - Geographic Portal Guyana
Guyana, National Maps
Haiti, Landslide Hazards Maps
Haiti, National Centre of Geo-spatial Information
Honduras, Cadastral Institute
Mexico, Digital Map
Mexico, Ministry of Communications and Transport
Mexico, Ministry of Energy, Sustainable Energy Inventory
Mexico, Spatial Infrastructure Data of the Peninsula of Yucatan
Panama, National Environmental Authority
Paraguay, Ministry of Environment
Peru, Cuzco Regional Government
Peru, Disaster Management Agency
Peru, IDEP - IGN GeoViewer
Peru, Ministry of Environment
Peru, National Geographic Institute
Peru, Regional Government of San Martín
Peru, SINPAD - National Information System for Response and Rehabilitation
Province of Cordoba / Argentina, General Directorate of Statistics and Censuses
Regional, Amazon Initiative
Regional, Caribbean Challenge Dashboard
Regional, Caribbean Marine Atlas
Regional, Caribbean Sea Level Rise Visualization Tool
Regional, CATHALAC, Mesoamerican maps
Regional, GeoSUR
Regional, Historical-geographical information system of Hispanoamerica
Regional, IABIN, Freshwater Ecosystems
Regional, IABIN, Terrestrial Ecosystems
Regional, International Center for Tropical Agriculture
Regional, International Center for Tropical Agriculture, Land Use Change Tool
Regional, IRENA, Sustainable Energy Maps
Regional, Mesoamerican Caribbean Sea Hydrographic Commission, Nautical Charts
Regional, NASA, Fire Maps
Regional, OneGeology, Geology Maps
Regional, UNEP/GRID Platform on Global Risks
St. Lucia, Integrated National GeoNode
Uruguay, Emergency Management System
Uruguay, GeoPortal Ministry of Transport and Public Works
Uruguay, Military Geographic Service
Uruguay, Ministry of Agriculture
Uruguay, Ministry of Environment
Uruguay, Ministry of Social Development
Uruguay, Municipality of Montevideo
Uruguay, MVOTMA - Environmental Information System
Vanezuela, Ministry of Environment – Land Planning
Venezuela, Ministry of Environment – Water
Venezuela, Ministry of People's Power for Planning, Statistical System
Venezuela, Ministry of Popular Power for Ecosocialism and Water, Geoportal of the National Water Plan
Venezuela, Miranda State, Administrative Maps
Venezuela, Miranda State, Base Maps
Venezuela, Miranda State, Socio-economic Data
Venezuela, Municipality of Caracas
Venezuela, Municipality of Chacao
Venezuela, SIGIS
Venezuela, Simon Bolivar Geographic Institute
Venezuela, Simón Bolívar Geographic Institute, Venezuelan Gravimetric Network Geoportal