These are the institutions that participate in the GeoSUR Program and have stated their willingnes to develop map services and catalogs that constitute the backbone of the GeoSUR Geospatial Network.
National Geographic Institute
Ministry of Agriculture
Government of Catamarca
Government of Mendoza
Government of Cordoba
Government of Tucuman
Ministery of Education
Land Information Center
National System Risk Management (SINAGER)
Agency for the Regulation of the Pirai River (SEARPI) 
Department of Santa Cruz
National Geographic Institute
National Statisctics Institute
Ministry of Hidrocarbons and Energy
Socio Environmental Institute (ISA)
Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics
Ministry of Envaironment
National Institute for Space Recearch 
Energy Secretariat of Sao Paulo
Amazon Socioenvironmental Georeferenced Information Network 
National Geographic Institute
National System of Land Information (SNIT)
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Public Works
Regional Goverment, Los Rios Province
Information Center of Natural Resources ( ICNR)
Agustín Codazzi Geographic Institute (IGAC)
Colombian Geological Service
Special Cadastre Unit, Secretariat for Bogota´s Spatial Data Infrastructure (IDECA)
Ministry of Transport
Technological University of Pereira
von Humboldt Institute for Biology Research
Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies
International Center of Tropical Agriculture
Mayor of Santiago de Cali
Mayor of Bogota
Investigation of Biological Resources Alexander Von Humboldt Institute
Special Administrative Unit of the Cadastral Office, Coordinator of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Bogotá
Costa Rica
National Geographic Institute
Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications
Statistics and Censuses Institute 
Dominican Republic
Ministry of Environment
Development and Planning Secretariat (SENPLADES)
National Geographic Institute
National Electricity Council 
Ministry of Environment
University of El Azuay
National Statistics Institute
El Salvador
National Geographic Institute
Viceministry of Housing and Urban Planning
National Geographic Institute
Ministery of Environment and Natural Resources
Planning and Programming Secretariat
Ministry of Planning
Office of Geography and Cadastre
Land Information Council
Water Resources Authority
National Geography and Statistics Institute (INEGI)
Energy Secretariat of Mexico
The Ministery of Agrarian Development, Territorial and Urban
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAGFOR)
Nicaraguan Institute of Land Studies (INETER)
Tommy Guardia Geographic Institute
Ministry of Environment
Statistics and Census Institutes
Guyra Paraguay
National Geographic Institute
Ministry of Public Works
Ministry of Environment
Geology and Mining Institute
Ministry of Transport and Communications
National Geographic Institute
Ministry of Energy and Mines
Cabinet Council
Ministry of Environment
Dominican Republic
Ministry of Envaironment and Natural Resources
Trinidad and Tobago
Lands and Survey Dvision
University of the West Indies
Institute of Marine Affairs
Agency for E-government
Municipality of Montevideo
National Disaster Prevention System
National Geographic Institute
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment
Center for Digital Image Processing (CPDI)
Simon Bolivar Geographic Institute
Venezuelan Instiute for Scientific Research (IVIC)
SIGIS Company
Governor of Miranda
Regional Agencies
Andean Community
EU Joint Research Centre (INSPIRE)
Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)
International Center for Tropica Agriculture
Permanent Committee for the Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Americas (CP-IDEA)
United Nations Environment Programme
University of Colorado
University of Buffalo
University of Twente
Nature Serve
The Nature Conservancy
University of the West Indies
The World Bank
U. S. Departament of the Interior 
GEO Group on Earth Observations 
Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi
World Resources Institute
Conservation Internacional