Topographic Processing Service



In order to provide advanced capabilities for analyzing and processing Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) of Latin America and the Caribbean, the GeoSUR Program developed a suite of topographic processing tools available from its Regional Map Viewer (RMV). This suite of tools, called the Topographic Processing Service (TPS), expands access to the SRTM level-2 DEM (1 arc-second, ~30m resolution). This dataset is not freely available, so the TPS allows users to derive 1 arc-second resolution derivative products from it (without providing access to the source data). Derivative products can also be generated from coarser resolution DEMs available in the TPS.

Using the mapping tools within the RMV the user defines an area of interest (AOI), selects the source DEM, and choses the derivative product to be created for that area. Once the processing is completed the product is made available for download.

Designed and implemented for GeoSUR at the USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center, the TPS now offers the following derivative products and services: data extraction, aspect, shaded relief, color shaded relief, slope, slope classification, raindrop trace, watershed delineation, and viewshed analysis.

tps overview

For a detailed description of these products and how they are developed, visit the USGS Land Cover Applications (LCA) SRTM product page.

  tps overview tps overview  
  GeoSUR's Region Map Viewer with
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TPS web user interface  


TPS Source Elevation Datasets (Input Dataset)

In addition to providing the SRTM Level-2 1 arc-second (~30m) DEM as an elevation input source, the TPS offers four other sources; HydroSHEDS 3 arc-second (~90m) and GMTED2010 7.5, 15, and 30 arc-second median DEMs.

The GMTED2010 (Global Multi-resolution Terrain Elevation Data 2010), is a suite of products at three different resolutions (approximately 1,000, 500, and 250 meters) designed to support many applications directly by providing users with generic products (for example, maximum, minimum, and median elevations) that have been derived directly from the raw input data. Currently, the TPS provides the median product at these three resolutions. For detailed information on this dataset visit the USGS GMTED publication page.

For a description of how to use the modeling tools, visit the Topographic Modeling Tools page RMV Toolbar