OGC Web Map Services (WMS)

The most widely used Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specification is WMS. It can deliver georeferenced maps through HTTP calls. The following GeoSUR partner organizations have implemented a WMS for their data holdings. The getCapabilities URL for each organization is listed below so each service can be consumed in any OGC WMS client.

WMS getCapabilities URL
Argentina National Park Administration
Argentina Buenos Aires Government
Argentina National Geographic Institute
Argentina Ministry of Agriculture
Brazil Ministry of Environment
Chile Ministry of Public Works
Colombia Agustín Codazzi Geographic Institute (IGAC)
Ecuador Military Geographic Institute
Mexico IABIN, Bahía Banderas - Nayarit
México IABIN, Sistema Lagunar Huave - Oaxaca
Peru Institute of Geology, Minerals and Metallurgy
Peru Ministry of Environment
Regional International Center for Tropical Agriculture
Regional Amazon Initiative, Accessibility
Regional Amazon Initiative, Protected areas
Regional Amazon Initiative, Biomass
Regional Amazon Initiative, Land cover
Regional Amazon Initiative, Future deforestation
Regional Amazon Initiative, Base maps
Regional Amazon Initiative, Population
Regional Amazon Initiative, Indigenous territories
Regional GeoSUR Program Base Maps
Regional GeoSUR Program Environmental Data
Regional GeoSUR Program Hydrography
Regional GeoSUR Program IIRSA Maps
Regional GeoSUR Program National Datasets
Regional GeoSUR Program Raster
Uruguay Environmental Office
Uruguay National Geographic Service
Venezuela National Geographic Institute